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Monday, 10 August 2015

Consultation on Bristol's Housing Strategy 2015-20

Oh yip-de-fucking doo-dah, the Council's consulting on its draft housing strategy 2015-20:

 Anyone give a toss enough to read it?


  1. A couple of interesting things in the document.

    24% of homes in Bristol are now private rented.

    The Council is considering developing it's own private rented accommodation, either using a company it owns directly or in partnership with a housing association.

    There is nothing in the document about tackling the very high rents in the private rented sector.

  2. Some idea's for BHAM's response to the consultation:

    1. The Council should pressure the police not to co-operate with 'common law' evictions from land, to oppose common law evictions and to pressure landowners to obtain court orders.

    2. Nationalise all housing in Bristol without paying compensation.

    3. Bulldoze all the Victorian style houses and replace them with nice Georgian buildings with Bath Stone facades.

  3. Took me a while to spot if but the deadline for response is 21 September 2015