Bristol Housing Action Movement

Independent squatters and homeless group

Monday, 9 May 2016

No Arrests as BHAM Squats Residential Building

On Wednesday, 27 April 2016 Bristol Housing Action Movement – Bristol's long running squat group - in association with other housing campaigners squatted a residential building owned by Bristol Council.

We were hoping to stop the building being sold at auction by the Council.  BHAM had already succeeded in getting one property – St Agnes Park Lodge – removed from the auction.

The flat was auctioned despite the Council not having vacant possession. we left the building at noon the following day.

It was a great action.  BHAM demonstrated its capacity to carry out a well organised, audacious occupation.  We made new links with like-minded campaigners and activist groups.  We squatted a residential building and didn't get arrested.

The Council made a number of conflicting claims about why the properties were being auctioned, initially saying the buildings were in poor repair and would cost to much to bring up to lettable standard. We showed this was not true, the building we occupied was in excellent condition.


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